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Srimantraspa The Best spa in Chiang Mai Thai lanna culture

The cultural development of the people of the Northern Thai people had begun long before as successive kingdoms preceded Lan Na. As a continuation of the kingdom of Ngoenyang, Lan Na emerged strong enough in the 15th century to rival the Ayutthaya Kingdom, with whom wars were fought. However, the Lanna Kingdom was weakened and became a tributary state of the Taungoo Dynasty in 1558. Lan Na was ruled by successive vassal kings, though some enjoyed autonomy. The Burmese rule gradually withdrew but then resumed as the new Konbaung Dynasty expanded its influence. Taksin of the Thonburi Kingdom finally conquered Lan Na in 1775 and broke it down into a number of tributary kingdoms.  Srimantra Spa is the first modern Lanna cave style in Chiang Mai. Our unique blended of gemology and traditional advanced therapy. You will never forget for the wonderful spa and massage experiences. Leave your worries. Pure indulgence, ultimate relaxation, rebirth of body and mind with a beautiful inside in a privacy space. You can achieve a precious treasure of your life. The Best spa in chiang mai



The most favorite of the relaxing that touch the soul and healing process to reach true balance of the mind and body, Spas are the facilities which engage themselves in therapies which cure people physically as well as emotionally.The now spas enable people to be as healthy and as happy as before. They utilize basically vitamins and minerals derived from natural produces . Contemporary spas also heal sport injuries with modern and holistic medical treatments and therapies which pamper the physique, balance the emotional states and eventually bring back the peaceful mind ,“Srimantra Spa”. The therapy step from inside to outside. Our unique blend of gemology and traditional advanced therapy, are provided by certified professional therapists.

     Here, you will never forget for the wonderful spa and massage experiences such the combination massages between Thai Lanna massage and Western massage styles, moreover you can touch the exclusive Srimantra’s massage manner, only at here for you!

In addition, we are using the Crystal Pyramid and Crystal bowl sounding and vibration for cells healing, organ/body regeneration and fully relax.

We have a hot pebble stone therapeutic use, an oil therapy, and aromatherapy with essential oil by the law of elements, herbal massage and spa to align your energies to facilitate a deeper sense of calmness and relaxation.

At Srimantra Spa is like no other, here is the 1st Modern Lanna Cave Style in Chiang Mai. Leave your worries, pure indulgence, ultimate relaxation, rebirth of body and mind with a beautiful inside in a privacy space; discover the symbol of an ancient kingdom and a living metropolis.

Located in the city away from the Night Bazaar only 5 minutes.

Why Sri Mantra Spa? Here, you can achieve a precious treasure of your life!

A Quartz Crystal Pyramid has healing qualities and characteristics similar to Crystal Singing Bowls but with a different harmonic and feel.  Made from the purest, optically clear quartz; the crystal pyramids combine the power of pure sound with the strength of sacred geometry.

Crystal Singing Pyramid Therapy activates the chakras and heightens the senses. As chakras are stimulated, both mental and physical blockages begin to clear. The crystal singing pyramids can also be used to do home energy clearings and enhance the vibrational frequencies of a variety of household and personal items, from foods and nourishing products, to crystals, healing tools and so much more.



Benefits of Crystal Singing Pyramid Therapy Include:

* Protecting against contamination and adverse energies

* Improving confidence to materialize goals

* Raising spiritual/Psychic energy helps spiritual development

* Activates DNA

* Grounds and centers the Mind Body & Spirit

* Helps slowing down the ageing process

* Energizes & Heals the Body


Applications of Crystal Singing Pyramid Therapy include:

* Promotes well-being, body-mind- soul

* Deep relaxation and regeneration of stress and negative emotions

* Strengthened inner serenity, which is trust and grounding

* Perfect action against “burn out syndrome” and pessimistic attitude towards life.

* Harmonization of body and soul

* The spherical sounds immediately solve all blockages in the body, the mind and the soul.

* Rejuvenation

* Recovery of radiance

* Activation of vital energy

* All spiritual work will be deepened

* Reinforcement of meditation