Best Spa in Chiang Mai.

A relaxing experience that makes you feel special with Best Spa in Chiang Mai by Sri Mantra.

The body spa that helps people relax. And this a type of science that can heal your body and mind. The spa is one thingthat people today give special attention. Because the body are used to heavy accumulation. Make a return perfectlyto normal body balance. It also helps to reduce and mitigate injuries. Or fatigue of the nerves and muscles as well.


Srimantraspa Best Spa in Chiang Mai, is a new model that blends service. The contemporary spa You will feel relaxed. Medical science is still so popular. To keep body and soul back to normal. The unique treatment and high-class service with professional certificated therapists .


Not only that you will ever enjoy bodyspa . The Sri Mantra also want you to enjoy and experience a relaxing body that has performed well over many years. With Thailand Lanna massage. Combined with Western massage That is what we are proud of and want to offer this service to you. To open special only for our customers.


We also offer PYRAMID CRYSTAL that is a science. The look of Service It will cause noise coming from the vibration of the Christ consciousness itself. You can help guard cells, organs and also helps the body to restore back to normal as soon as possible, as this is considered an outstanding service that I would recommend that you use our services ….


With a distinctive and unique. And there is none like the design of the facility itself. The selected design is Modern Lanna style of the cave. The facility is situated in the downtown area. But maintaining the realism. Each time you receive services that will make you feel yourself not gone far from it. Our spa is away from the main attractions at night “Night Bazaar” and takes only five minutes for walk.


Because we considered that you are our valuable customers. We take in every step of recalling Sri Mantra spa services like spa with the Best Spa in Chiang Mai.